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HX-LB019 Light Bar

HX-LB019 Light Bar

120 watt single row off road LED light uses 12 x 10 watt high power CREE LEDs. This light bar is waterproof and offers a brightness output of 3,780 lumen at 9-70V DC operating voltage range.

The HX-LB019 off road LED light bar has black painted aluminum housing and PMMA lens. 20.3 inches long with flood beam pattern. Including adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket with studs.

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What are advantages and disadvantages of LED Light Bar

LED light bar has been hailed as a brilliant alternative to off road light bars. A LED light bar has an efficient source of power and produces more light per watt than most lights. The intensity and efficiency of light bar can't be affected by shape or size of the light bar, unliking the fluorescent light bar or tube. The effectiveness of the light can also be seen in the on/off time of the light bar. The LED light bar takes under a microsecond to attain full brightness. LED light bar can also emit the intended color light without the use of colored domes, color filters or other traditional methods for changing light color. It means that the cost of production goes down, as well as with less components, there is less that can go wrong with the light bar.
A LED light bar can also be very easily dimmed unliking other older light bar. Dimming simply requires one to lower the forward current or dim through pulse- width modulation. In this light bar, wasted energy is dispersed as heat through its base. It means that sensitive material or flammable ones are not affected by heat radiated by the light bar, as is the case with older ones. Another advantage associated with LED light bar is that failure occurs through dimming of the light bar over time rather than a sudden or abrupt failure. The dimming light can be observed and used as a tell sign of when the light bar needs to be replaced. This also means that the light bar is constantly working. It also last long and are estimated to give about 35,000 to 50, 000 hours of useful light. It may take even longer until complete failure of the led light bar. Fluorescent light on the other hand gives about 10, 000 to 15, 000 hours of useful light. 
However, there are disadvantages associated with the use of LED light bar. There is a very high initial cost for installing a LED light bar and this may deter someone on a low budget from making use of this technology. There are other light bars that may work almost as well and cost less than half the price of the LED light bar. The life of this light bar is also dependant on the temperature of the operating area. If it is constantly used in places with high temperatures, this will reduce its working life as well as make it susceptible to breaking down. 
All LED light bars have also raised concern that their constant use might exceed what eye specialists call blue-light hazard. This is specifically a concern with LED lights that are blue or cool white. These may damage the eyesight of the individual using a LED light bar as well as those around.