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HX-LB019 Light Bar

HX-LB019 Light Bar

120 watt single row off road LED light uses 12 x 10 watt high power CREE LEDs. This light bar is waterproof and offers a brightness output of 3,780 lumen at 9-70V DC operating voltage range.

The HX-LB019 off road LED light bar has black painted aluminum housing and PMMA lens. 20.3 inches long with flood beam pattern. Including adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket with studs.

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Consider LED work lights or halogen lights

 When working at night or in a building roof, halogen work lights are the most lamps that are mounted on tripods to be placed and aimed where light is needed. LED work lights offer an alternative to halogen lights. LED lights require less energy, last longer and emit less heat. However, LED work lights are more expensive and their benefits may not outweigh their cost.

As follows, we list some instructions to consider LED work lights or halogen work lights:

1. Consider your budget and how often you expect to use work lights. Because of the reliability and low heat output, LED work lights will save you money and time in the long run. However, you just plan to use work lights only once or twice, it’ll be better to use halogen lights which are more readily available and cheaper.

2. Consider the areas where you are most likely to use work lights. In a confined space, halogen work lights emit a big amount of heat and make work conditions uncomfortable. LED work lights can emit a very small amount of heat.

3. Consider the power consumption and cost. LED work lights require five times less wattage than halogen ones for the same output and last 10 times as long.

4. Test both of LED work lights and halogen lights, look which are more natural and favorable.